Virtualization is the procedure of creating a virtual version of a server or computer system using software reasonably than hardware. It permits several operating systems to run concurrently on a single machine. Virtualization targets to centralize administrative tasks and lessen hardware costs, while improving scalability and loads. Virtualization is built on the model of splitting wherein, a single physical server is distributed into multiple logical servers, which in turn, run operating system and applications individually.Virtualization Solutions are more economical, consistent and secure compared to on site systems while offering the identical range of services.

Whiz Works implements a four point strategy for its Virtualization solutions like,

Analysis and Assessment: After a thorough analysis of the customer’s IT background, we provide an approximation of the total cost of ownership for the infrastructure as well as the setup expense.

Design: In this, we create a comprehensive project plan and factor the strategy to be accepted for the virtualization of servers.

Deployment: Our experts works with clients in the authentication, configuration and deployment of a fresh setup that meets the performance requirements.

Support: Whiz Works propose various stages of support technologies and work with the customers in determining the best support level for their workforce and capabilities.


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