Software Defined Data Center

SDDC is short for software-defined data center. May also be called software-defined datacenter (SDD) or virtual data center.

Software defined data center (SDDC) is the expression used to mention to a data center where all infrastructure is virtualized and conveyed as a service. Control of the data center is entirely automated by software, meaning hardware configuration is conserved via intelligent software systems. This is in distinction to traditional data centers where the infrastructure is usually demarcated by hardware and devices.

Software defined data centers are dignified by many to be the succeeding step in the growth of virtualization and cloud computing as it offers a solution to upkeep both legacy enterprise applications and innovative cloud computing services. As the basis for whiz works comprehensive Software-Defined Data Center platform, Whiz works is the starting point for building your Software-Defined Data Center. With Whiz Works in place, you can flawlessly cover virtualization to storage and network services and augment automated, policy-based provisioning and management.


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