Data Migration Services

At Whiz Works, we provide data migration services that give you the ability to transfer archived emails to your choice of numerous platforms either on basis or into the cloud. As your data migration service provider, We make it likely for you to have the choices you need to succeed your data whether you are looking for ways to change current archives into Enterprise Vault, bring data in-house from your hosted provider services, or move Enterprise Vault through your hardware, Whiz Works is the data migration service provider who can give you the elasticity and power you need to sustain a full chain of custody at a budget that is affordable to you.

No matter the data format (file, block, object, cloud, etc.) or the location of it, Whiz Works data migration consultants will always assist, help and comfort with getting your organization’s data where it needs to go. Our professionals use recognized approaches that comprise industry specific best practices and obey to legal requirements and data privacy standards. Data migrations implemented by our experts are executed quickly and flawlessly, always prioritizing security and certainly at the top of the requirements list, as well as confirming non-disruption and flexibility as a essential part of the process. 


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